Love is in the Air

How We Met

Many years ago during the good ole high school days, I was aimlessly staring at a blank canvas in front of me, trying to figure out where to start a painting for my art class.  As I played around with different colors, a young man in jeans, a flannel shirt, and cowboy IMG-7457boots & hat came walking through the room.  The man had a smirk on his face as another student with a camera followed him outside.  At the end of the hour, I walked across the hall to the photography class to ask my friend who that young man was and why he was wearing such a dashing getup.  She replied that he was posing for another student’s photos and explained that he had recently transferred from a different school.  The young man walked by again and I IMG-3789softly whispered to my friend that I thought he was cute.  The young man and I didn’t talk that day or any day of high school.  Two years later at a local pool, I ran into this man again.  He was a lifeguard at the pool I took the kids I was nannying that summer.  I walked up to the top of a slide with one of the children and instantly recognized him.  As we approached the front of the line, the man asked me where I went to high school.  I responded and then IMG-0356asked him the same question because obviously, I needed to play it cool.  I knew who he was but I didn’t think he knew who I was.  Little did I know that two years prior, on the day I noticed the dashing young man in cowboy boots, my friend had told him what I said about him.  The young man reached out his hand with that same smirk from two years prior and said, “Hi, I’m Steven Deckard”.  Turns out he knew exactly who I was and that I did in fact know who he was as well, even though I pretended not to.  Embarrassing, I know.  I conveniently took the kids back to the pool as often as they’d let me that summer and the rest is history.

The Engagement

A few weeks after our three year anniversary of dating, Steven said we should go to a IMG-3893nice dinner to celebrate since we had not had time to do so before.  I agreed and asked where he wanted to go.  Steven said not to worry about it, he would make the reservations.  This is not unusual for Steven because he often surprises me with flowers, a spontaneous trip, an unplanned visit, etc. so I didn’t think too much of it.  Saturday rolls around and I continue to ask Steven where we are going, when, and what I should wear.  Steven dodged questions and found ways to keep me busy throughout the day.  However, the evening was approaching and I still had no answers.  Steven reassured me he would let me know when to start getting ready and what to wear.  AtIMG-3891 about 7:45 pm he walked over to where I was sitting and handed me an envelope.  He seemed excited and told me I was on my own for the next hour.  Of course, I continued to ask a thousand questions and Steven told me everything would be fine and to just start.  I opened the first envelope and read the clue that led me to our mailbox.  I made my way to the mailbox perplexed and opened the second clue that led me back to the apartment.  I hurried back home to find Steven gone and another clue.  Steven laid out three dresses for me to choose from and told me I had an hour to get ready.  He had one more clue for me that I IMG-3889 (3)was not allowed to open until after I was ready.  I began getting ready, so confused and a little suspicious.  (I had a dream the week before that Steven proposed with a scavenger hunt but I couldn’t solve any of the clues so it was more like a nightmare.)  I picked my dress, said goodbye to the pups, and opened the last envelope which led me to his grandparent’s house.  I got in my car even more confused than before.  When I arrived at the house, his truck was there but all the lights were off.  It looked like no one was home and my confusion grew even more.  I walked up to the front door and Steven’s sweet grandmother opened it.  She said Steven told her I would probably be coming by and guided me into the house.  She told me sheIMG-3892 wanted to show me the steps Steven’s grandfather built in the back before we sat down.  At this point, I had no idea what was going on until I walked into the backyard.  Steven stood there on a pergola (which he built himself), surrounded by twinkly lights and white daises (my favorite).  As I walked out to him, I saw both of our families out of the corner of my eye and thought to myself, “I can’t believe this is actually happening…”  Steven took my hand and greeted me with his warming smile and a “Hey, beautiful”.  He gave a little speech, got down on one knee and asked me to IMG-3873marry him.  Shocked and overwhelmed with joy, I said yes.  The shock and joy didn’t seem to wear off at all and we spent the rest of the evening celebrating with our families.  Planets had to perfectly align for me to notice him in high school and then run into him again two years later.  We had to endure long distance dating for two years and be really intentional about our relationship.  Now, we get to stand up in front of family and friends and vow to continue to choose each other.  We are full of excitement and delight to say “I do” and what’s to come after.



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