Training for My First Race Post Surgery

I AM SO EXCITED TO TRAIN AND RACE AGAIN!  Being out of the running game for almost a year really lights a fire in you.  I have been waiting so long to run again and am indescribably happy to train for an actual race.  While I have a lot of joy to be back in the running game, it isn’t easy.  I am not in the same shape I was when I stopped running a year ago (during marathon training) and my body now has even more imbalances than before due to the surgery.



Never in my life (minus being a young child of course) have I not been able to go out and run 3-4 miles easy.  It didn’t matter if I was in basketball season, soccer season, or spending most of my time lifting weights, I could always go out for a nice 3 mile run just for fun.  This wasn’t the case when I first started running again and that was a hard truth to face.  I am far enough in my training currently that I can run consistent miles like this but my speed isn’t quite down to what I would prefer.  I mean, who can take off a year and then expect to start running again at the same level that you were at before?  It’s just not realistic and that makes sense to me, but can still be hard to accept.


I began my training cycle for my first race back the first week of July.  Due to having to start from scratch and dealing with some more imbalances than usual, I decided to hire an online running coach.  This is a new experience for me but has been super helpful so far!  I love having a plan to follow and it feels less stressful to follow a plan a coach makes for me versus one I made for myself.  It has also been beneficial because it is an extra support and accountability to ensure I’m doing workouts but not overdoing it.  Like I said, it’s an adjustment for me to start training with a minimal base and having a coach helps reassure me I will have longevity with my running.



I am planning to run the Purdue Half Marathon in October, as long as everything goes as planned and my body feels ready.  I’ve learned flexibility (literally and figuratively) is essential in the running game, so I’m trying to keep an open mind.  T-minus 87 days until the race with more updates on training to come!

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