Pre-Run Warm Up Routine

I, along with many other amateur runners, don’t particularly enjoy having to do a pre-warm uprun warm up routine.  It’s something that is often short, rushed, and even sometimes skipped all together.  Being an early morning runner often comes with the pressure to get out the door as fast as possible because I spent too long laying in my cozy bed convincing myself going for a run in the AM darkness is a better life choice than an extra hour of sleep.  (Disclaimer: Sometimes an extra hour of sleep is a better life choice.)  However, coming off of a serious running injury and having goals that require me to IMG_4089greatly improve in my running, I have pledged to be more intentional and diligent with my warm ups.  Warming up prior to running allows your core & peripheral temperature to rise, lowers muscular resistance, provides injury prevention, and gives you time to focus & mentally prepare for the workout.

My current warm up routine consists of some dynamic stretches and glute activation exercises to fire up my muscles and get my body & mind ready for the run to come.  If you want some inspiration for what to put in your pre-run warm up, check out my updated routine below!




Forward Leg Swings — 15 swings/leg

Side Leg Swings — 15 swings/leg

High Knee Skips — 20 yards, down & back

Butt Kicks — 20 yards, down & back

Frankenstein Walk — 20 yards, down & back


Donkey Kicks — 15 kicks/leg

Fire Hydrants — 15 hydrants/leg

Single Leg Glute Bridge — 10 bridges/leg

Banded Lateral Walk — 30 steps total (15 going each way)

Banded Monster Walk — 6 steps forward, 6 steps back x 5

Banded Squats — 20 squats


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