Welcome to the Kayla Keeps Running blog, I’m glad you meandered your way here. 🙂  My name is Kayla (pretty obvious I think but I feel the need to clarify) and I am an Academic Advisor at Purdue University.  I have my bachelors and masters in Social Work and am currently enjoying the engaged life as of June 30, 2018. ❤ I have a passion for people, nutrition, Christmas, running, Jesus, and my two pups (in no particular order).  I also love to write, thus the blog, and am well aware that my mom might be the only one who ever reads it and that’s okay with me!

If you’ve know me for a few years or followed me on social media, you may be familiar with another blog I started during my time in college (Food.Fitness.Funn).  This was a blog I periodically posted on during my time in college and the summer after I graduated.  Unfortunately, the blog slowly started to disappear as adult life, graduate school, and an injury took over.  BUT, I’m back with more experience, maturity, and vengeance for my running game.


I grew up an athlete, playing sports all year around but did not take up the running game until college.  I ran one half marathon in high school, one my senior year of college, and another in summer 2017 as part of my training cycle for my first marathon.  I’ve always loved fitness and have done many different forms of it over the years (weight lifting, running, HIIT, hot yoga, CrossFit, spin class, etc.) but running is what really fills my heart. Running to me is a freeing experience, a way to find peace and quiet in messiness and chaos of the world.  It is a primal and sacred activity that can uncover a wide range of emotions and thoughts while also providing a challenge that molds you into a stronger individual.


Last summer (2017) I began training for my first marathon in the wonderful humid summer months.  I was pretty far into training with my longest run at 18 miles before I experienced my first serious running injury.  I got to a point where I could not run without excruciating pain in my right hip and decided to call it quits before anything got worse.  It took many months, doctor’s appointments, and tests to figure out what was actually wrong with me.  Finally, in March 2018 I had surgery to fix the Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) in my right hip.  It took another few months before I could begin running again and even then, running happened in very small amounts.  I completed a couch to 5k program and was recently told I was good to go.


This is why the blog is called “Kayla Keeps Running”.  I took a break from the whole blogging and social media sharing of my running and workouts while I was injured because I was bitter.  I was frustrated with my body and situation.  My fitness and running journey the last year has been a very difficult one but I made it back.  I now have a greater appreciation for running and have new goals I want to achieve.  Despite the setbacks that I have encountered (or may encounter in the future), I plan to keep improving and growing as a runner.


Kayla Keeps Running is a place for me to continue to share my running journey (highs and lows), document some yummy & healthy recipes (because I also love to cook), and connect with other like minded people.  Even though I have a background in athletics and running, I’m basically starting from scratch again with this post injury life.  I hope you choose to join me for the ride and lace up your running shoes as well!